Education Program for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

website re-design /  email marketing / banner campaigns / digital & print materials

Role: Senior Digital Art Director
Client: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Agency: Epsilon
The CDC recommends that retail pharmacists become the preferred provider of adolescent and adult vaccinations. By leveraging convenience of neighborhood pharmacies as well as the relationships pharmacists have with their patients, getting vaccinated could be more accessible to communities. However, even though pharmacists knew how to administer a vaccine shot, they didn’t know how to identify vaccine eligible patients or feel comfortable consulting patients in the pharmacy.

Our challenge was to educate pharmacists and give them the confidence to increase vaccination rates in their pharmacies and across the country while making GSK the vaccine partner of choice by retailers and pharmacists alike.
Our solution was to create a digital-first platform and integrated campaign that provided pharmacists with valuable resources to help identify, educate, and counsel vaccine-eligible patients within their pharmacies. This included interactive videos, training modules and pharmacy reference materials.

I've been involved in all stages of creative development, producing the overall look and feel for the program, maintaining and redesigning the website, versioning out emails and banners for our digital campaign, led a photoshoot acting as a liaison between stakeholders and vendors, and created numerous print materials to support various vaccine efforts.

The website is part of a vaccines digital education program that, aside from including additional content, hasn’t undergone any significant changes since 2017. Our intention was to leverage existing digital resources to present information to pharmacists in the most effective way possible. The goal of the redesign was to drive engagement by optimizing, enhancing, and expanding the vaccine retail pharmacy program for both pharmacy staff and patients.
Site Map

After conducting research, interviewing pharmacists and identifying the pain points we've started reorganizing and prioritizing content within existing website. 
During next phase of the project, we've built a site map to assess the current website content and functionality, which helped us to establish the hierarchy of essential categories and materials.

Web and 
UI Design

Based on user interviews, we established areas for improvement and approached the site redesign by producing mobile layouts first.

We audited and restructured content to make it quickly scannable due to our target audience’s limited free time. By dedicating less space for visuals that didn’t answer “What, why, and where next?” we optimized the loading speed of the content to address pharmacist concerns.

Previously omitted search functionality was added to the site to make education materials easier to access.

Incorporation of seasonal content, potential outbreaks in the area based on geotargeting, and timely, relevant content added extra layers of engagement.
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